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The Club publishes a magazine named Pallidula twice a year usually just before the April and October events. The contents include club news, articles by members about their collecting successes on vacation.

The Club usually has three major events per year. All are open to non-members – see the Club News page for photos of recent events.

Thatcheria mirabilis, Angas 1877

On the last Saturday in April, the BSCC Shell Convention takes place from 9.00am to 5.00pm. It is similar in format to the Shell Show (see below) but the emphasis is on display rather than competition. Activities include members exhibits, members' exchange tables and dealers' tables.

In August or September, the Chatsworth Shell Fayre takes place at Cavendish Hall, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire DE45 1PJ from 9.00am to 4.00pm.

On the last Saturday in October, the Club Shell Show takes place from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Admission is free. It is an opportunity to meet other members and to seek advice from experienced collectors. Members are encouraged to create display tables for the prize competitions for categories such as One Species, British Marine, Caribbean or in specialities such as shell art or shell postage stamps. Displays can feature marine, land and freshwater species. Five major prizes are awarded.

Here is an article about the Club's trophies.

About 20 shell dealers take table space for display and offer for sale, shells to suit both beginners' and experts' budgets.

Two or more informal get togethers are arranged around lunch at a leading collector and member's home in June and August.

For details of all Club events, please see the Calendar of Events page.

For further details, comments or queries, please contact the

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