Identification Guide to the Shells of South Africa volume 1

Edited by A. P. Marais and Alan Seccombe, 2011

Published by Alwyn Marais, 2011


Molluscs inhabiting the east coast of South Africa are largely of Indo-Pacific origin, while a small proportion of species of West African origin occur along the Cape west coast. A high concentration of endemic species is found in the south of the country where the warm Agulhas Current from the east meets the cold Benguela Current from the west. This Identification Guide includes practically all described species (in the families discussed here) known from the intertidal zone and the continental shelf and its slope, within the boundaries of the country.

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The book includes:

  1. Discussions of the 11 neogastropod families, Buccinidae, Colubrariidae, Columbellidae, Fasciolariidae, Nasariidae, Melongenidae, Muricidae, Babyloniidae, Turbinellidae, Ptychatractidae and Volutidae
  2. A short description of 485 species (including micro-molluscs)
  3. Highlights of distinguishing features
  4. Colour photographs of each shell (front & back view)
  5. Morphological variation within species, if significant
  6. Illustrations of 155 type specimens
  7. Data on distribution and habitat
  8. Type data of each species
  9. A restricted bibliography of relevant scientific journals
  10. A classification of South African molluscs
  11. A checklist of species and variations discussed
  12. A glossary of scientific terms used in the text
  13. A comprehensive cross-reference index of species

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