Corculum cardissa (Linne 1758)

Cleaning and maintaining your shells

There are several phases in cleaning and maintaining your shell collection. If some animal remains are still inside then they should first be removed. If you fail to remove all the animal tissue, the decomposition of any small traces of animal tissue will cause a disproportionate smell. Encrustations and any periostracum may need to be removed. The humidity conditions and the materials used for display can effect the conservation of the shell. Lastly, the shell may need a clean and gentle oiling from time to time to remove dust and restore its shiny lustre.

Phase1 Getting the mollusc out of the shell

Remove the operculum if you want to preserve it and keep with the shell.

Phase 2 Removal of the periostracum and barnacle materials

Phase 3 Displaying and looking after the shell

There is a fine article by Paul Callomon on the Conchologists of America site about Bynes Disease-Questions and Answers.

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