British Shell Collectors' Club

A chance to recognise our committee members

Judith Nelson
Judith Nelson:
Honorary President
John Batt
John Batt:
John Llewellyn-Jones
John Llewellyn-Jones:
Debbie Rolfe
Debbie Rolfe
Club Secretary:
Membership issues, new members
Daphne Howlett
Daphne Howlett:
Club shop
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor:
Show Secretary
Selina Wilkins
Selina Wilkins

Julian Joseph
Julian Joseph:
Webmaster, Pallidula Editor,
Web site articles
Roberto Rodolico
Roberto Rodolico:
Facebook Manager
Carl Ruscoe
Carl Ruscoe:
Auction Manager
Alison Hartley
Alison Hartley
Dave Rolfe
Dave Rolfe
Jonathan Welsh
Jonathan Welsh
John Whicher
John Whicher

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