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My interest in shells began as a child collecting many different families but over the years, I have gradually reduced my interest in many families and concentrated on my greatest passion, the Cypraeidae.
Now wiser and over 30, I specialise only in cowries and have a collection of over 1300 different species, subspecies, forms and variations Most of all I have enjoyed collecting trips to Tahiti, Raratonga, Hawaii and most recently New Caledonia and Fiji in search of the more unusual specimens.

Mauritia mauritiana

Stolida crossei,New Caledonia

Teramachii neocaledonica, New Caledonia

Lyncina broderipiii

Fultoni amorimi massieri
Mauritia mauritiana,
New Caledonia
Bistolida stolida crossei,
New Caledonia
Nesiocypraea teramachii neocaledonica,
New Caledonia
Lyncina broderipii,
S. Africa
Barycypraea fultoni amorimi massieri

Zoila eludens

Zoila friendii, W Australia

Zoila jeaniana aurata

Zoila ketyana ketyana

Umbilia armenica
Zoila eludens,
W. Australia
Zoila friendii friendii,
W. Australia
Zoila jeaniana aurata,
W. Australia
Zoila ketyana ketyana,
Umbilia armeniaca,
S Australia
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