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Gavin Malcolm

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My collection was started after a vacation on Sanibel Island in 1993. For 10 years, I travelled extensively on business and I often took time out to relax and meet with shell friends or visit the local dealer, taking the opportunity to build my Conus collection and make new friends.

Victor, Flores

Skinneri, Bali

Nobilis, Samar

Floccatus, Solomons

C. nobilis f. victor, Flores C. nobilis f. skinneri, Bali C. nobilis, Samar C. floccatus, Solomons C. circumcisus, Philippines

Milneedwarsi and Kawamurai

Genuanus, Senegal


Barthelemyi, Reunion

C. milneedwardsi, India
C. kawamurai, Ryukyu Is
C. genuanus, Senegal C. ammilaris, Sulu Sea
C. temnes, N Queensland
C. barthelemyi, Reunion C. episcopatus, Phuket
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