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I have been collecting shells for more than 35 years, specialising in Recent and fossil cowries. Like most collectors, I started with a general collection, but after a few years I started to concentrate on one family, the Cypraeidae. After doing an undergraduate research project on the evolution of this group of molluscs (against the advice of my tutor, who though the subject was far too specialised), I became interested in the fossil species as well.

Bernaya teulerei,Oman

Siphocypraea mus,Venezuela

Siphocypraea hertweckorum, S. Mus f bicornis

Barycypraea fultoni massieri, B. caputviperae

Zoila decipiens f suprasinum, NW Australia
Bernaya teulerei,
Siphoncypraea mus,
Siphoncypraea hertweckorum
Siphoncypraea mus
Barycypraea fultoni massieri
B. caputcypraea
Zoila decipiens f suprasinum,
NW Australia

Leporicypraea mappa

Erosaria guttata

Austrocypraea reevei

Umbilia capricornia, Australia

Cypraeovula castanea, Jeffreys Bay
Leporicypraea mappa
Mauritia arabica immanis
Erosaria guttata,
Austrocypraea reevei,
W. Australia
Umbilia capricornia,
Cypraeovula castanea,
Jeffreys Bay
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