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I have been collecting shells since I could walk and collect British Shells and the Genus Tellin, Fusinus and Patella. I love beach combing anywhere in the UK, and am still learning about the diversity of shells our island has to offer. If on holiday abroad, we usually pass a beach, and I try to find something. It is amazing how successful one can be when not trying (Spain, Canaries), and unsuccessful when trying…(Kenya, New Zealand, Australia). I grew up by Helen's Bay beach in Northern Ireland, and for as long as I can remember have combed the beach, poked about in rock pools, looking at shells, fingering them, collecting them into my pockets for further enjoyment at home. I found it challenging to pick just a few, but here they are with some interesting stories. .

Pharus legumen, Devon

Mya arenaria, Norfolk

Mactra corallina, Devon

Macoma balthica, Cumbria

Littorina obtusata, Cornwall
Pharus legumen,
Devon, UK
Mya arenaria,
Norfolk, UK
Mactra corallina,
Devon, UK
Macoma balthica,
Cumbria, UK
Littorina obtusata,
Cornwall, UK

Pinna rigida

Cryptopleura costata, Florida

Pholas dactylus, France

Petricola and Barnea

Pteria colymbus, Florida
Pinna rigida,
Crytopleura costata,
Pholas dactylus,
France/Norfolk UK
Petricola pholadiformis,
Barnea candida
Pteria colymbus,
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