Simon Taylor with Haliotidae collection

Members' Collection Gallery

For generations, the viewing of collections has been limited to a few friends but with the advent of the internet, we have the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the magnificent collections of our members.

Members can submit pictures of their ten favourite specimens with an explanation of their choice or a set of pictures covering a shell genus or a geography or the shells found on their latest vacation.

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The Gallery

My ten favourites Terry Wimbleton
Cones from my travels Gavin Malcolm
My personal favourites S. Peter Dance
Something old, Something new Julian Joseph
The Cape Verde experience Whicher family
A Cypraea special John Batt
A personal selection Selina Wilkins
Just Latiaxis John Fisher
Rare and unusual cones R. Mike Filmer
Personal favourites Daphne Derek Howlett
Shells on stamps Tom Walker

To contribute to the gallery see Gallery Information

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