Club News 2003

November 2003

Bullet2 New site for Club Convention to be evaluated in April 2004. Click here for details

Bullet2 A successful show was held on October 25. Click here for details.

Bullet2 Election process for committee elections is complete
Graham Saunders reports that the following candidates each received more than 50 votes and are therefore consider to be endorsed by the members.
Daphne Howlett Existing commitee member and treasurer
John Batt: Existing committee member and Pallidula editor
Graham Saunders: Existing committee member and past president
Derek Howlett: Existing committee member
Dick Plester: Existing member and past president
New members:
Brian Hammond
Simon Taylor
Tom Walker
John Whicher
Selina Wilkins
Ken Wye
There will be a committee meeting before year end to decide roles and responsibilities.
Meet the new committee .. Click here

Thanks to the all our members who voted in the election

Bullet2 Kevin Brown stands down as Club secretary.
At the Shell show on October 25, Kevin Brown was recognised for his tremendous contribution to the club as club secretary and the mainstay of the club's activities over many years. We anticipate a new Kevin at future shows and meetings, at which we hope that he will continue to pass on his unrivalled knowledge and experience to our members.

Bullet2 Club secretary
The committee has asked Tom Walker to act as club secretary and ensure a smooth handover. Tom's appointment will be officially ratified at a committee meeting before year end.

Bullet2 Show secretary Simon Taylor has been asked by the committee to act as show secretary. He will take over the role of running the club show and convention from Kevin Brown. His appointment will be officially ratified at a commitee meeting before year end.

Bullet2 New club constitution
A new constitution for the club is being prepared and will be presented to members for approval at the April Convention.

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