Club News 2004

October 2004

Bullet2 Annual Convention. The annual Shell Show was held on 30 October 2004 at the Napier Hall. Click here for details.

April 2004

Bullet2 Annual Convention. The annual Shell Convention was held on 24 April 2004. This was the first meeting to be held in the new venue, and was a geat success. Click here for details.

February 2004

Bullet2 Annual General Meeting. The AGM will be held during the Shell Convention on 24 April 2004. This will be first "open" AGM for a great number of years, and will be an opportunity for members to hear more about the running of the Club, and ideas for the future. It will be held at 12.30pm with the intention that it will not last more than half an hour, so that other business of the day is not disrupted too much. An Agenda and relevant papers will be circulated with the spring edition of Pallidula.

Bullet2 Changes to Pallidula have been discussed with the Editor - await your next copy with bated breath! You need to be a club member to automatically receive a copy of our twice yearly magazine.

Bullet2 Subscription rates have been reviewed. They have not been raised for many years, and it is proposed that these will be increased from January 2005. Details of the new rates will be published in the next edition of Pallidula.

Club news 2003

Bullet2 Click here for details.

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