Club News 2005

October 2005

Bullet2 Annual Convention. Annual Show. The annual Shell Show was held on Saturday 29 October 2005 at Napier Hall in Westminster, London. In addition to the traditional major awards the John Fisher Cup for the best Junior exhibit was again awarded and there will be a new cup: The BSCC Cup, awarded to the exhibit or shell "Which best promotes the interests of British Conchology". Click here here for further details.

May 2005

Bullet2 A spectacular new cone species named by and for club member. Annual Show. Mike Filmer, a world authority on the Conidae, named Conus moncuri for Alistair Moncur, who first brought the shell to light. The original description is at and on Alistair's own site at Please see these for further details.

April 2005

Bullet2 Annual Convention. Annual Convention. The annual Shell Convention was held at North Romford Community Centre on Saturday 30 April 2005. This year we had more space available for dealers, and the traditional auction was held. The Annual General Meeting took place before the auction, and as intended it lasted for a few minutes only! Click here here for further details.

January 2005

Bullet2 Committee meeting. The Committee met at John Whicher's house on 22 January 2005. Much of what was discussed will be published in the next edition of Pallidula. Among topics of general interest was the idea of switching the Convention to October and the Show to April from 2006 in order to maximise the additional space at Romford for the exhibits and allow more space at Napier Hall for dealers. Members' views on this proposal will be sought.

Bullet2 Subscriptions These were increased as from January 2005 and now stand at £10 for Individual membership, £12 for Family membership and £5 for Junior membership. If you have not already altered your standing orders please do so as soon as possible. If you pay directly to out Treasurer please ensure that you send the correct amount.

Club news 2004

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Club news 2003

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