The 2010 BSCC Shell Show

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One Species
Koen Fraussen: Neobuccinum eatoni (also won Peter Oliver Cup)
Kevin Brown: Trachycardium isocardia
One Genus/Family
Mick Davies: British Buccinidae (also won the Scotia Shield)
Graham Saunders: "Nomad Gene Pool”
Dave Rolfe: “Variation in the Common Limpet”
Graham Saunders: “Signature Species”
Self-Made Shell Art
Selina Wilkins: Shell Flowers (also won the COA award)
Lucy Pitts / Loretta Spridgeon: Shell Montages
Shell Photography (member ballot)
Paul Wilkins: Ensis americanus
Sara Cannizzaro: "Shellfish"
Dave Rolfe: “A Mystery”
Carl and Craig Ruscoe: “Back to Front Shells” (included Walter Karo Award winning sinistral Trichia hispida)
Angela Marsland: Self-collected Florida Fossils
Junior: age 12 - 16
Theo Tamblyn: Unionid mussels (also won John Fisher Trophy)
Junior: 11 & under
Christopher Wilkins: Moving Molluscs
Dealer Shell of the Day (member ballot)
Fernand de Donder & Rika Goethaels: Nodipecten magnificus
Shell of the Show
Carl & Craig Ruscoe: sinistral Trichia hispida Linnaeus, 1758

Photo gallery

1. Viewing the exhibits. 2. Shell Flowers. 1st in the ‘Shell Flowers’ category (also won the COA award).
3. Variation in the Common Limpet - Dave Rolfe. 2nd in the ‘British’ category. 4. British Buccinidae - Mick Davies. 1st in the ‘One Genus/Family’ category and winner of the Scotia Shield.
5. ‘Nomad Gene Pool’ – Graham Saunders. 1st in the ‘British’ category. 6. British Unionid Musels – Theo Tamblyn. 1st class award in the ‘Junior: age 12 - 16’ category. (also won John Fisher Trophy)
7. Shell of the Show: sinistral Trichia hispida Linnaeus, 1758 - Carl and Craig Ruscoe. 8. Shell montages – Lucy Pitts and Loretta Spridgeon. 2nd in the ‘Self-Made Shell Art’ category.
9. 'Self-collected Florida Fossils – Angela Marsland. 3rd in the ‘Shellomania’ category. 10. Moving Molluscs – Christopher Wilkins, winner of the Junior age 11 and under category.
11. Members viewing the Ruscoe brothers' exhibit of worldwide sinistral shells. 12. Selina Wilkins receives the COA award.
13. Theo Tamblyn is presented with the John Fisher Cup by Club President Derek Howlett.
14. Carl Ruscoe receives the Walter Karo award for his Shell of the Show.
15. Dave Rolfe receives his certificate for winning the Shellomania category. 16. Graham Saunders receives his certificate.
17. Lucy Pitts and Loretta Spridgeon receive their certificates. 18. receives her certificate for winning the Dealer Shell of the Day competition.

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