British Marine, Pectinidae, Strombidae for sale or exchange

Member Stanley Francis

Northern Ireland Collector seeks exchange opportunities

My Name is Stanley Francis, I have been a sea shell collector for over 30 years. I will not tell you what age I am, but I was born in the same year as Shirley Temple, and Mickey Mouse

Although I have a fairly comprehensive general collection, I have been concentrating in recent years on the Pectinidae, this is a large family well over 400 varieties. At the moment I have over 200 species, and I am always particularly anxious to contact anyone interested in this family. The other families that are well represented in my collection are the Muricidae and the Strombidae, but in recent years I have also developed an interest in the Vasum, and Harpidae.

I collect locally in Northern Ireland mainly in Strangford Lough, during low Spring and autumn tides, when large areas of the Lough are exposed. I also have good contacts at the local scallop factory and with fishermen, and divers.

As I have a lot of material (local & world-wide) surplus to requirements I am always willing to exchange.

I exhibit at the London Shell Show from time to time, and so far I (or my shells) have won the Conchologists of America, plaque on 5 occasions, also The Peter Oliver award for the best educational exhibit.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at my e-mail address below, I am always pleased to make new contacts, or give any assistance I can to fellow collectors.

Contact Belfast; Telephone (02890-715363) daytime or evening

E Mail:

To dial the UK from abroad, drop leading zero on number and insert country code(44)
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