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Please enter below the details of your notice and an E mail will be sent automatically to the webmaster. You may reset the form by pressing the Start Again button. You must hit the Submit button to send the information entered when you are satisfied with the content. Note maximum of 40 lines.


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If you wish to include your E mail address in the advert please acknowledge by clicking the Accept button that you have read below the club's disclaimer about publishing internet addresses. Steps will be taken to encode your E mail address in the advert to minimise the chance of electronic capture of E mail addresses by third parties.

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SPAM E mail disclaimer The member understands that by publishing their E mail address on the internet, the club has no control over third parties who may copy the address either electronically or manually and use the E mail address to send undesirable and inappropriate E mails to the member. The club accepts no responsibilty should this happen

1)Please set out the contents of your notice as you wish it to appear.
2)If you include prices, the special chars for dollar, pound, euro can be different so state in words which currency you are using eg all prices in euros.
3)When you are ready hit the submit button
4)Your e mail program will kick in and ask you to confirm that you want to send the Email as requested by the BSCC website and then ask that you acknowledge that your E mail address will be available to the BSCC website recipient. Please note that the E mail address in the advert is taken from the E mail textbox above, suitably encoded. The E mail id which you use to send the advert can be different and is never used in creation of the advert.

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