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Shelling and collecting in the UK

UK map from Visit Britain

If you are visiting the UK or just planning an outing, then here are some ideas on places to collect seashells or visit some fine public displays. Click on the map to select your area of interest and we will take you there

The cold waters around the continental shelf of the UK are rich in marine fauna and there are more than 600 species of marine mollusc and many more freshwater and terrestrial species.

In Great Britain, the land between low water and high water marks is considered Public Land and anyone may use the beach and collect shells. However we ask you to respect restrictions in our National Parks only a few of which encompass beach areas. A map is available National Parks

Should you wish more leisure information about Great Britain then you may wish to try the official website of VisitBritain

Should you wish to view some public shell collections then a visit to Cornucopia, and searching on shells or mollusca will give you an overview of each major collection. Please check availability and times.

Photographs of living British molluscs are here.

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